Ladies Toe Socks with Burgundy Toes and Striped Body.
Fits Sock Size 9 – 11 – Shoe Size 5 – 10

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When socks have compartments for your individual toes, your toes can move more freely – the feeling is much like being barefoot. Additionally, during colder weather ToeHugger Toe Socks keep your feet much warmer than traditional socks – plus, our Toe Socks do not slip as much as other socks, and they are loads of fun.

If you are a sandal lover then you will love our Toe Socks with your sandals, because you still get the freedom you get from going barefoot, but when its a little cooler outside the sock provides the right amount of warmth.

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Weight 4 oz
Did you know?

ToeHugger Toe Socks are made of:

Acrylic 92.1%
Nylon 5.1%
Spandex 1.9%
Rubber 0.9%

Machine wash in warm water and tumble dry low.
Please do not use bleach.